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Two Quick Tips for 2018

How many of you have started this new year off but have brought over A LOT of baggage from 2017 that is weighing you down? How many of you know you should be kicking this day off with a bang because it is a fresh start? It is a new year and a new chance for your business to do phenomenal things.  When you look at your inbox and you look at your desktop you can’t help but worry though.  It feels like you didn’t finish so many things in 2017.

I wanted to give you two simple tips that should help start 2018 on the right foot:

  1. Clean that darn inbox out!

  2. Remove that explosion of icons that happened in 2017 on your desktop

Let’s take a look at your email inbox.

In the bottom left corner is a count of how many items are in your inbox.  I’ve seen this number be in the tens of thousands for some users.  The same mentality is applied here as in the desktop example above.  If you have 30,000 items in your inbox then how in the world will you ever know what is current and actually needs attention?  Imagine for a moment that only the top 20 hot items were shown.  You would know exactly what needs replying to and be able to quickly respond or take action.  There is something instantly relaxing about seeing your inbox reduced from thousands to only a handful of action items.  Once again, this is an easy fix and all those other items can be quickly accessed if you need them.

Next, take a good look at the desktop of your computer.  Does it look anything like this?

A clean computer desktop is similar to having a clean desk.  It helps you focus on what really needs attention.  The good news is that this is simple to solve and still gives you instant access to everything you need.  I’m betting most of these icons you really have no use for though.  Start by deleting the ones you don’t use anymore.  Then right click on the desktop and Create Folder.  Name the folder appropriately such as “Shopping Apps”.  Drag the related icons into that folder.  Do this for each category of icons and in no time you will have a neat and orderly desktop without the clutter and distraction of all those icons.

Give these two tips a shot and I think you will like the results.  It’s been proven that people with organized desktops (of all types) are more efficient.  It truly is calming to know you are only looking at the hot topics which need attention each day.  Scrolling down to see email number 1,378 that came in last week you need to respond to is both time consuming and inefficient.

Enjoy the tips and I hope you have a fantastic 2018!  Let’s make it great together!

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