Why You should invest in Cybersecurity TODAY

While cybercriminals are increasingly targeting businesses of all sizes, cybersecurity firms have also been ramping up their game when it comes to helping those businesses defend themselves against such attacks. As the war on cybercrime gets more heated, the need for better security solutions becomes more and more apparent. Find out why you should invest in cybersecurity today, whether your business handles data that needs to be kept secure or not.


The Threat Companies Face

Before you make your cybersecurity investment, it’s important to know that threats to your company’s security are real. With so many firms offering protection and prevention services, it can be hard to tell which are effective and which aren’t. While some companies focus on equipment or software solutions to protect against outside cyberattacks, others focus on social engineering training. Regardless of how they do it, all cybersecurity firms promise protection from cyberattacks—but what happens if a breach occurs?


The Cost

In some cases, security breaches can be financially devastating to businesses. In 2014, Target reported a $202 million loss due to a data breach of 70 million customers. That doesn’t include even more substantial costs incurred by regulatory fines and loss of consumer trust.


Today, there are cybersecurity firms that specialize in specific areas such as biometrics or payment systems. It pays for a business owner to consider all angles when implementing new technology, including security options. Without protecting your data, you run the risk of a large setback from cyber attacks.


The Risk for Companies

Whatever industry you are in and whatever location you are based on, there is probably a company that wants to disrupt what you do. That’s why cybersecurity spending has been growing at double-digit rates for several years now and doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon.


Without having a cyber security system in place, your business is at risk of suffering lost sales, compromised intellectual property, a damaged reputation, and even your ability to operate being compromised. Think of all the time and money that could be saved if you had one of the best IT services in Raleigh NC working to protect your company.


Contact ComTech Network Solutions

If you’re confused about cyber security and how it works, there are plenty of resources available to better understand how it affects your business.


First off, do some digging—it might be easier than you think to find answers within your organization. Second, you might want to consider partnering with an organization specializing in IT and cybersecurity services.


These types of businesses can be very valuable partners for companies of all sizes to make sure your systems are safe from cyber threats. Consider ComTech Network Solutions, a cybersecurity company in Raleigh NC to help protect your business today.

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