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What’s Next for Microsoft?

Recently, Ethan attended a comprehensive Microsoft conference in Orlando and learned what Microsoft is planning for the future. Read (or watch) to learn Microsoft’s plans for the future. The topics covered vary from Microsoft Copilot to Windows 10 end of life in 2025.

Microsoft Copilot: Integration and Functionality

Microsoft Copilot represents Microsoft’s significant move into the AI space, functioning similarly to ChatGPT but with deeper integration with your computer and Microsoft Office.

Imagine leveraging AI directly within Outlook or Excel to execute tasks such as data analysis or graph creation. Unlike ChatGPT, which uses the data you provide to train its models, Microsoft Copilot ensures that your data remains private and is not used for training purposes. This integration is expected to have a substantial impact, with Microsoft heavily investing in its adoption across its software ecosystem.

Data Privacy with Copilot

One of the most critical aspects of Copilot is its approach to data privacy. Microsoft has designed Copilot to ensure it does not utilize personal data entered into the system for model training. This approach addresses significant privacy concerns associated with AI tools. However, users must be cautious with data permissions when activating Copilot, especially in corporate environments. Incorrect data permissions could inadvertently expose sensitive personal information if not managed properly.

The Shift from Windows 10 to Windows 11

Windows 10 will reach its end-of-life in October 2025. Microsoft strongly recommends upgrading to Windows 11 or replacing older machines that cannot support the new Operating System. This transition is essential as Windows 11 incorporates enhanced security features that are not compatible with older hardware. Currently, about 40 million devices in the U.S. are unable to upgrade to Windows 11 due to these hardware limitations.

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AI-Ready Machines

The concept of ‘AI-ready machines’ was another significant topic at the conference. These machines are equipped with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), specifically designed to optimize AI task processing. This hardware innovation ensures smoother operation of AI functions. An example of this would be to tell AI to constantly blur the background during video calls across various applications. Microsoft’s focus on AI-ready hardware highlights the growing importance of AI and how soon we will be using it every day in some form.

Upcoming Changes and Preparations

Looking ahead, Microsoft plans to introduce a Copilot button directly on new keyboard designs—marking the first significant change to keyboard layouts in 20 years! This change shows the importance Microsoft places on AI accessibility.

We’re excited to see how you start preparing for these upcoming Microsoft changes. Should you have any questions or wish to share your experiences, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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