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What is Multifactor Authentication and Do You Need It?

Authentication is an essential piece of the digital security puzzle. By properly authenticating users, you can work to prevent the wrong people from gaining access to critical areas of your system. An example of basic authentication is a password, but in today’s tech landscape, a password alone often isn’t enough. Working with an IT solutions company to upgrade to multifactor authentication is a security measure that is a worthwhile investment for many businesses.

What is Multifactor Authentication?

Authentication is the process of proving that a user is supposed to have access to a system. So, when you go to access your email account, for example, you likely have to enter a password to get in. If you don’t enter the correct password, you aren’t allowed to access the account. That’s authentication in action, but it’s only a single factor.

Multifactor authentication takes the process to a higher level by adding at least one additional step. You might start by typing in a password, but once that step is cleared, you’ll go to another step and be asked for more proof of your identity. This additional factor can come in many different forms, but one you might be familiar with is having a code sent to your phone. The system automatically sends a code to the phone number associated with your account, and you must enter that code to prove you are in possession of the phone. This step adds a tremendous amount of security to the system and can dramatically cut down on the likelihood of unauthorized access.

Why is Multifactor Authentication So Popular?

Simply put, passwords don’t work very well. Often users opt for easy to remember and shorter passwords unless required to do otherwise. And with the advanced technologies and techniques used by hackers in the modern internet environment, getting through a login process where only a password is required is not very difficult. By adding an additional layer, the challenge goes beyond figuring out the password and suddenly it becomes far more work for a hacker to break into a system. Most likely, they’ll simply move on to another target where multifactor authentication is not in use.

Is Multifactor Authentication Necessary in Your Business?

If your system contains anything that could be valuable to others, and that could be damaging to your company if it was compromised, using multifactor authentication is a good idea.

Of course, that describes nearly every system used by a business to operate and communicate, so it’s smart to have this measure in place throughout your organization. By working with the right IT company, it is relatively quick and easy to put this into use, and the additional security it offers will be a welcome improvement. Any additional time and resources required to get this up and running will be more than worth it when you avoid frustrating – and costly – cybersecurity issues in the future.

As an IT solutions provider, ComTech can assist with the move to multifactor authentication, in addition to many other projects. Reach out today to learn more.

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