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Top Tech Series # 2 – Quick Video Software

Welcome to the second blog of the Top Tech Series, where we dive into quick video software. With quick video software, you can improve efficiency and organization with easy screen recording, camera recording, transcription, and more. 

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Clear and concise communication is very crucial in your business, quick video softwares allows for this. Here are some of our recommendations on calendar tools that offer free subscriptions: 

Pricing and Accessibility

With options ranging from entirely free to about $50 a month, there’s a solution for every budget. The majority of users will find the free versions more than adequate for their needs. However, for those like Ethan who prefer a little more functionality, a small monthly investment can unlock advanced features that further streamline the communication process.

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Core Functionalities

Quick video software is about being simple to use. Whether it’s providing a quick demonstration, sending a personalized message, or explaining a detailed process, these tools make it possible with just a few clicks. Features such as analytics, transcription services, and AI enhancements that filter out filler words ensure your messages are clear and impactful. To truly appreciate the potential of quick video software, let’s consider its practical applications.

Practical Applications

In the video above, you’ll see how easily you can navigate and personalize your communications. From adjusting the video placement on your screen to sharing your entire desktop to explain a process, these tools offer versatility that traditional emails can’t match.

Our daily routine includes using OneNote to organize tasks and create videos to outline goals and tasks for our team. This approach not only helps in clarifying objectives but also in explaining the “why” behind each goal, making it easier for everyone.

We’re excited to see how you leverage these tools to improve your communication. Should you have any questions or wish to share your experiences, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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