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Why does Office 365 need to be backed up?

Let’s talk specifically about outlook in today’s blog related to Office 365. You probably use Outlook for all your email correspondence, contacts and scheduling. Imagine for a moment that a hacker got into your email and started deleting your folders. To make it worse, he emails back and forth with your accountant and deletes the message trail. Your calendar gets wiped in the process just to add insult to injury. If you do not have your Office 365 being backed up, then there is little that can be done to retrieve that data and get back to normal. Microsoft uses a process called Replication which is a fancy term meaning whatever you see in your outlook, is mirrored at Microsoft’s data centers to maintain high availability. Replication is not a backup and should not be thought of as such. Microsoft actually recommends having a third-party backup of your Office 365 account that you can restore from if something bad happens. Just because the data is “in the cloud” doesn’t mean you are able to get it back if disaster strikes. Below is a very short video that goes into more detail about Office 365 and why you need to have someone backing up your data and not just relying on “the cloud” to protect you.


If you don’t know if your Office 365 is being backed up and protected, we can analyze that for you. Contact us today at (336) 443-0061 if you have questions.

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