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Be The Exception

ComTech’s cybersecurity verified seal shows the world your commitment to responsible technology. It’s not just an accolade – it’s leading by example, demonstrating that you don’t just plan for a secure future, you implement it now.

Experience the ComTech Difference

response Time of
1-hour or less

You don't wait for days to get your problems solved. Your NC managed services provider will be working on your request within an hour. Our response and resolution time will astound you.

No Contracts and No Hidden Fees

Our Complete Care service model is exactly that - Complete. You won't have to worry about any surprise invoices or fine print.

We provide you with
peace of mind

No Geek Speak –
We Speak Human

We speak in simple, easy to understand language from techs you actually enjoy conversing with.

No Band-Aid Solutions

As your NC managed services provider, we strive to fix issues the first time and don't apply temporary band-aids just to watch your problems reappear.

It's never the wrong time to do the right thing

The decision to change IT providers can seem daunting, filled with myths and unknowns. Making the responsible choice for your technology needs doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Choosing ComTech means choosing efficient, security-focused solutions that will positively impact your bottom line for years to come.

MYTH: Changing providers will require more of my time. I'm already overwhelmed.

FACT: Our onboarding process requires minimum involvement from you and your staff. Your responsibilities are providing credentials, that’s about it. Our team jumps into action executing our 80+ step onboarding process where we do all the heavy lifting.

MYTH: It will take a long time for a new IT provider to understand our unique needs.

FACT: Our partnership begins with a comprehensive assessment of your IT infrastructure and business requirements. Our experienced team is skilled in quickly aligning with your specific needs, ensuring personalized and effective IT solutions from day one.

MYTH: Delaying or choosing to do nothing about my IT needs will not hurt me.

FACT: In the realm of IT and cybersecurity, it's never the wrong time to do the right thing. Indecision does not remove risk, it only increases risk - ultimately costing you more in the long run, impacting efficiency and profitability. Choose ComTech today to ensure your business is secure, efficient, and ready for the future.

MYTH: I’m not a target for cybercrime; this decision can wait.

FACT: . . . said every ransomware victim, ever. Believing your business is immune to cybercrime overlooks the fact most cybercrime is randomly targeted. Cybercriminals love businesses that underestimate their risk and delay strengthening their defenses.