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Newest Phishing Scam victim loses $388,700. Learn what happened.


Barbara Corcoran is well known for being on Shark Tank and used to be a giant in the Real Estate industry. She sold her real estate business in 2001 but still invests in real estate today. When an email was sent to her bookkeeper from Barbara’s assistant containing an invoice for $388,700 for renovations, her bookkeeper didn’t think it was anything unusual. So the bookkeeper went ahead and wired the money to the email address without thinking much of it. Only when the bookkeeper follow up with the assistant that the mistake was identified. The problem was the email and the invoice looked legitimate. But the email was sent from a different email address and was only off by one letter compared to Barbara’s assistant actual email.

Phishing scams don’t just take advantage of big businesses and well known people. They are being used every day to hoax people out of money and they really look convincing. Go check out our blog post by clicking here to different examples of phishing emails and how to identify them.

Are you afraid your hard earned money could one day go out the door due to a simple phishing email? ComTech offers a FREE company-wide phishing test to see how many of your employees would fall for a phishing email. Call us today at (336) 443-0061 and learn how well trained your staff is on identifying phishing emails.

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