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Making This One Mistake With Your Computer Network Could Put You Out Of Business

How do you handle network issues? If you’re
like most small businesses, you wait until
something breaks or goes wrong before
getting an IT services company on the phone.
At a glance, it makes sense. Why pay to fix
something if it isn’t broken?

Sadly, this way of thinking can do more harm
than good, and it has taken many businesses
out of commission.

When you get right down to it, there are two
primary ways to handle network security:

• By being reactive
• By being proactive

One of these costs significantly more than the
other and can destroy a business. You can
probably guess which one we’re talking about.
When you’re reactive with your IT services,
which includes data security, it means
something bad has already happened. There
are many different things that can harm your
data and your business, like an employee
accidentally downloading malware onto their
computer, you getting hit by a data breach or a
power surge occurring late in the night after a
thunderstorm hits.

However, being reactive basically opens the
door to these threats. It’s the one mistake that
can put you out of business for good.
Hackers, for example, are a HUGE threat to
small businesses. These cybercriminals will
stop at nothing to break into your network
to steal whatever they can get their hands
on or do whatever damage they can. These
people don’t care if their actions put you out
of business.

This is why you cannot rely on a reactive
approach to your IT services. When you do,
you’re a step behind hackers, malware and
even natural disasters and equipment failures.
In the past, IT services were very reactive. They
were built on the break-fix model, which is
exactly as it sounds. A business would wait for
something to break or go wrong before calling
an IT services company for help to fix it.

In the 1990s and even into the 2000s, the
break-fix model had its place and it worked.
But as technology improved and it became
easier for even the smallest businesses to
stay ahead of the curve, the break-fix model
stopped making sense.

The number of external threats has increased
dramatically over the last 10 years. There are
countless malware programs floating around
on the Internet, and hackers are working 24/7
to wreak havoc.

It’s time to get proactive.

Today, IT services companies can predict
threats. They can stop attacks in their tracks
and protect your business and your data. This
is called managed services — and it could
save your business.

When you work with a managed services
provider, you can state exactly how you
want to be proactive. Do you want your
network monitored for threats 24/7? Do you
want them to have remote access to your
networked devices so they can provide
instant support to you and your team? They
can do all of that!

A good IT services company can help you
make sure all your data is backed up and
secure. They can make sure external threats
are spotted before they become a problem.
They can make sure phishing e-mails don’t
expose you to harm. The list goes on!
If you’re already working with an IT services
company and they’re only providing outdated
break-fix support, it’s time to say, “Enough!”
Demand that they get proactive to manage
your network. Don’t wait until something
breaks to make that phone call. Because, as
many businesses have learned, waiting to
make that call can be devastating!

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