How Scammers Trick You: A Look from the Hacker’s Perspective

Understanding the mindset and tactics of hackers is paramount for safeguarding your business. Ethan from ComTech provides a unique insight into a common scam from the hacker’s point of view, revealing strategies you can use to protect your business. 

The Hacker’s Process

Scammers begin by collecting employee names and emails, usually from your company’s website or LinkedIn. This initial step is alarmingly simple, involving nothing more than browsing the internet.

Impersonating Leadership

A typical maneuver involves impersonating company leadership, like the CEO. Scammers exploit the leadership position, tricking employees into acting fast when receiving communications.

Crafting Convincing Messages

Crafting persuasive emails is much easier when using tools like ChatGPT. These applications can generate urgent and convincing messages, prompting immediate action.

The Ultimate Goal: Shifting Communication Channels

Scammers aim to divert conversation from secure corporate email to less secure channels, such as text messaging. By impersonating a preoccupied CEO needing urgent assistance, they make their requests seem legitimate and can easily trick employees.

The Common Ask: Gift Cards

Gift cards are a favorite target because they’re as valuable as cash to scammers and difficult to trace. The scam concludes with the employee purchasing these cards, revealing the codes, and sending pictures of them to the scammer, effectively transferring funds.

Stay Informed & Protect Your Business

Awareness is your first line of defense. Understanding scammer tactics makes you and your employees more cautious about unusual requests.

Continuous training is the most effective weapon against scams. Establishing a culture of security where every team member recognizes phishing attempts and knows how to respond is crucial. Regular cybersecurity awareness training is essential. 

ComTech’s Initiative: Free Cybersecurity Training

Recognizing the importance of cybersecurity education, ComTech is rolling out a Cyber Hero training for your office and staff members. This is a half-day free training offers a half-day free training session. This training is designed to equip you and your staff with the knowledge and skills to identify and protect against various cyber threats. If you would like to learn more, send an email to

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