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Five Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Phone System

No matter the size of your organization, your continued success depends on your ability to communicate seamlessly with your customers through their preferred channels. Whether it’s through email, social media, text messaging or your business phone system, your technology should support your ability to communicate smoothly without drawing any attention to itself or its shortcomings. Your business phone system is still the star player in your communications lineup and should be treated accordingly. So, what are some of the signs that your phone system might be ready for an overhaul?

Is your phone system already obsolete?

Are you able to get hardware, firmware and administrative system support for your phone system? If you have a system failure such as voicemail that suddenly stopped working, is support available?

Does your phone system provide support for multiple locations and mobile users?

Are you adding offices or physical locations? Modern phone systems support multiple locations as if everyone is located in the same building, this includes taking your handset off your desk and plugging in anywhere with an internet connection, like a home office (or Starbucks). In today’s work environment, phone systems should support your mobile team members, such as sales and field techs, as well as work-from-home employees. Newer phone systems include companion mobile apps that turn your mobile phone into your virtual office line. You can operate on your company’s phone system through your mobile device as if you’re physically at your desk using your handset.

Is your phone system equipped to handle increased call volume?

If your business is growing, so should your call volume. Is your phone system equipped to handle the growth? Do callers ever get busy signals? Are you experiencing network delays or dropped calls?

Is your phone system scalable?

As your business grows and your staff increases, are you able to easily scale your phone system for future growth? Are you able to easily manage the phone system administration yourself?

Is your phone system redundant?

If you lose power or a natural disaster occurs, will your phones still ring? Many newer cloud-based phone systems have redundancy built in so that your phone system is always available, even if your physical location has power or network failures.


Take a deep breath. Still feeling good about your current phone system? If not, contact us to learn how we can provide a business phone system solution that will meet your current and future needs.


Today’s blog author is Rafe Martin, Sales and Marketing Director at ComTech.



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