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Why is the Healthcare Industry Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

Considering how much confidential information and personal data the healthcare industry holds on its clients, it’s not surprising that cybersecurity Raleigh NC, companies are in high demand. With Americans’ personal healthcare information on the line, you might think that hospitals would have the best cybersecurity on the market. You would be wrong. Hospitals are some of the most vulnerable targets of hackers today. So why is the healthcare industry so vulnerable to cyber attacks? In order to make sure your data stays safe and your company’s resources stay protected, it’s important to understand where these weak points come from and how you can fix them.


Valuable Data

Let’s first look at why the healthcare industry is even a target of cyber attacks. The data hospitals and medical facilities capture are valuable in themselves. However, it is worth even more if it can be used against someone; identity theft, stealing patient information to gain trust, or ransomware – all of these are actual threats plaguing healthcare facilities every day. It’s an opportunity for hackers. So what should you do about it? Of course, having IT companies on your side isn’t enough. You need one specializing in cybersecurity for businesses such as yours to fully combat potential threats and stay ahead of future problems.


Healthcare Organizations are Slow to Upgrade Their Systems

Many healthcare organizations are now years behind in their information technology systems, which means they have outdated software that has lots of security holes.

The failure of many healthcare organizations to upgrade their information technology systems means they are extremely susceptible to new cyberattacks. Data breaches, malicious coding, and phishing occur more often every year. Most businesses that are not aware of all these latest developments face potential threats from hackers and eventually get compromised by them. These hacks can take on various forms, including DOS (denial-of-service) attacks on websites or even sabotage of critical network devices like routers and firewalls as well as other hardware like PCs and laptops.


Challenges for Healthcare Organizations to Compete in an IT Arms Race

Manyt health care providers don’t have full IT departments. That means they rely on private IT companies to protect them from cybersecurity threats.  This works as long as it’s a company with experience in the health industry. Cyberattacks are becoming much more aggressive, faster-moving, and more effective than they were even a few years ago and external IT companies are better positioned to keep up with ever-changning threats.


Private Healthcare Organizations have Fewer Resources

Many hospitals in America are smaller, private facilities with limited cybersecurity staff and fewer resources. So when these institutions have problems like system outages or other setbacks, they must have an IT company that can respond quickly to their situation.


When a premier  IT company  initially takes on a client in the healthcare industry one of their first steps is an assessment that includes an analysis of cybersecurity needs. Some outside companies don’t perform these analyses thoroughly enough; it’s easy to miss vulnerabilities. But Premier cybersecurity companies like ComTech take a comprehensive look at all issues surrounding your data and where vulnerabilities might lie. Contact them today to learn more about their valuable data security services.

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