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Cybersecurity Essentials: Dark Web Monitoring

In simple terms, the dark web is a place where hackers can go to buy and sell personal data. When a company is breached, personal information such as passwords and email addresses can be stolen. This information often ends up on the dark web to be bought and sold for a premium.

Dark web monitoring is active monitoring for all personal information within a company. With this monitoring, you will be alerted if one of your accounts shows up for sale on the dark web. For example, if your BB&T account or your Amazon credentials appear, you are alerted immediately so that you can act quickly. When your information shows up for sale on the dark web, you should take security precautions such as changing your email password and answers to your security questions. Doing these things will help prevent you from losing access to your account if someone has bought your credentials on the dark web.

Do not use the same credentials for your bank as you use for other accounts, such as Amazon or Target. If a hacker gets your information from one account, they will try those same credentials at thousands of websites to see if they can get access to more of your information. If they can get into your banking records and your accounts, they have hit the jackpot.

To stay informed about your credentials and what might be for sale related to your company on the dark web, we highly recommend having someone monitor it for you 24/7.

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