Connecting for a Cause: ComTech’s Partnership with Little Pink Houses of Hope

We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Little Pink Houses of Hope! They provide week-long vacations for individuals and their families who are battling breast cancer. Just like ComTech, Little Pink Houses of Hope is able to make a big impact as a result of creating lasting relationships. Here’s a closer look at our shared mission and how you can join us in “Connecting for a Cause”.

A Mission of Hope and Healing

Little Pink Houses of Hope offers more than a retreat; they provide a sanctuary for breast cancer patients and their families to heal, bond, and find joy amidst adversity. Based in North Carolina but with a national reach, their retreats offer a pause from treatments, fostering moments of peace and connection. The organization’s founder, Jeanine Patten-Coble, channels her personal battle with cancer into fueling this mission, emphasizing that cancer affects the whole family, not just the individual diagnosed.

3 Ways You Can Help

1. Learn More about Comtech:

By simply attending a 15-minute call with ComTech, you can trigger a $250 donation to Little Pink Houses of Hope. For every $250 it could cover all incidentals for one family, offer travel assistance for families traveling over 300 miles, or cover the cost to host “Survivor Sharing Time Coffee”. Book a call today or make a referral! 

2. Choose ComTech as your Technology Provider:

By choosing ComTech as your technology provider, your onboarding fees will be directly donated towards our $50,000 goal!

3. Attend CONNECT 2024:

Join ComTech for CONNECT 2024, our annual FREE event on September 20th. A donation will be made for every attendee and the grand total donation will be revealed. 

Have you Heard about how ComTech is “Connecting for a Cause”? 

Click the image above to learn more about how you can help ComTech raise $50,000 for Little Pink Houses of Hope & attend ComTech’s annual FREE event CONNECT 2024!


Join ComTech on September 20th for CONNECT 2024, ComTech’s 4th annual event where you will connect with local business, connect with new technology, and connect with ComTech! This is not a technical conference, rather a day filled with fun and shared content that is easy to understand. Only 175 Seats Available, Register for CONNECT 2024 Today at:

  • WHEN: Friday, September 20th @ 8:30AM – 3:00PM

  • PRICE: Free

  • FOOD: Lunch Included!

  • WHERE: Greensboro-High Point Marriott Airport Hotel

Little Pink Houses Upcoming Events

Little Pink Houses of Hope has multiple upcoming exciting events like the Golf and Beer Bash in partnership with the Burlington Sock Puppets, and their annual Dancing with the Stars in October. To find more detail about upcoming events visit:

Our journey with Little Pink Houses of Hope is more than a partnership; it’s a commitment to relationships. As we look forward to reaching our goal, we invite you to join us in this meaningful cause. Every action, no matter how small, contributes to our large donation goal, echoing our collective dedication to those battling cancer.

Together, let’s make this summer a season of hope, connection, and unwavering support. To book a 15-minute call to benefit Little Pink Houses of Hope or to register for CONNECT 2024, visit: 

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