Beyond the Perimeter:
zero-Trust Cybersecurity

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🏰Join us for ‘Beyond the Perimeter: Zero-Trust Cybersecurity‘ webinar! Learn the best way to defend your digital castle against modern threats. 

When: Thursday, April 18th
Time: 11:00AM – 11:30AM

⚔️ Join Mike Farlow (CEO) and Rafe Martin (CRO and HIPAA Compliance Officer) as they delve into how the Zero-Trust security model revolutionizes defense strategies. 

Main Points:

  1. Discover the foundation of the Zero-Trust security model and its driving forces for modern cybersecurity resilience.
  2. Explore how Zero-Trust enables risk mitigation, threat detection, response, and regulatory compliance maintenance, ensuring fortified defenses.
  3. Gain actionable insights with practical guidance on implementing a Zero-Trust framework within your organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure, enhancing protection and resilience.

➡️Register and let’s deepen your knowledge on how to fortify your defenses!

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Our Featured Speakers:

Headshot of Mike Farlow, ComTech's CEO

Over 30 years ago, Mike Farlow co-founded ComTech with his business partner, David Rominger, establishing a foundation for what has become a leading IT managed services provider. As CEO, Mike combines his enduring passion for technology with strategic leadership, guiding the company’s growth and innovation. A tech enthusiast at heart, Mike’s expertise is backed by numerous certifications, reflecting his deep technical knowledge and commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. His leadership has been pivotal in shaping ComTech’s success, balancing his technical roots with a visionary approach to business growth and team empowerment.

Mike’s certifications include:

  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Microsoft Small Business Specialist
  • Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner
  • Fortinet Silver Level Partner
  • Intel Technology Provider (Gold)
  • Samsung Certified (Mobility)
  • Plantronics Technical Certification

Outside of work, Mike’s interests include scuba diving, traveling, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Rafe brings over 30 years of experience to the IT industry, including roles in software engineering and as a managing partner at a digital services firm. Currently heading business development at ComTech, he helps clients leverage technology for meaningful business outcomes.

A North Carolina native, Rafe holds a certificate in ‘Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy’ from MIT’s prestigious executive program. His broad expertise has made him a sought-after speaker, addressing AI and technology topics at multiple conferences this year for the NC Association of CPAs, and soon appearing on the NC Medical Group Managers Association’s inaugural podcast discussing AI’s impact on cybersecurity and healthcare.

Beyond his role at ComTech, Rafe has diverse hobbies that span from AI to playing in a bluegrass band. When he’s not immersed in technology or music, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 33 years and their three children. This blend of professional and personal experiences positions Rafe as a genuine and credible authority in the fast-paced realm of artificial intelligence.

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