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The Changing Landscape of Cybersecurity

Watch as Rafe Martin (CRO and HIPPAA Compliance Officer) dive into the changing landscape of Cybersecurity. Rafe covers things such as current cybercrime, cyber insurance, cyber resiliency, and more!

ChatGPT & DALL-E Explanation and Demo

Explore AI's latest with ChatGPT and DALL-E in our webinar, discovering their business benefits through live demos and insights into AI's history, learning, and implications.

(Part Two) Intermediate ChatGPT & AI Image Creation Training

Join us as we dive into Part Two of our AI Training. Learning how to use ChatGPT deeper and how to personalize it. We dive into MidJourney to create high quality AI Images. See live face-swap examples as we use this powerful tool for a little fun.

How To Survive In The Current Economy - With Greg Crabtree

Staying profitable is what keeps your business going. Greg Crabtree breaks down the current economy, what you have to do to keep employees and what you have to do to stay profitable. Greg works for one of the top accounting firms in the country – CRI and shares information every business owner or CFO should know.

Beyond the Perimeter: Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Explained

Watch as Mike Farlow (CEO) and Rafe Martin (CRO and HIPPAA Compliance Officer) dive into how Zero-Trust cybersecurity is the best defense strategy again modern threats.

(Part One) Beginner ChatGPT & AI Image Creation Training

Join us as we dive into a 3-part series of discovering ChatGPT, and creating images using AI. There are many useful ways AI can help make our lives easier. Both professionally and personally, join us as we dive into using ChatGPT and DALL-E!

(Part Three) Advanced ChatGPT & AI Image Creation Training with

Join us for our final Part Three of our AI Training. Uncover advanced techniques for optimizing ChatGPT, including new features in GPT-4 and how to customize your own GPT model. Learn the easiest way to create high quality unique AI generated images you can use for your business.

Remote Working

(BYOD) Bring Your Own Device, NOT Disaster Webinar

(BYOD) Bring your own device policies are an attractive proposition for employers, especially during a national pandemic. However, the decision to allow employees to use their own device for work does not come without risks. Ethan explains the best way to keep your remote workers and company data safe.

Part 1 - Staying connected with Microsoft Teams

In the first webinar of this three-part series, Ethan Farlow outlines some of the reasons why Microsoft Teams' popularity is growing. Ethan also walks users through the logic behind those reasons. If you are curious about Microsoft Teams or are wondering how businesses are able to stay connected in this COVID world.

Part 2 - Managing Remote Workers

In the second webinar of this three-part series, Ethan Farlow presents 8 tips on how Microsoft Teams (and other Office 365 products) allows employees to work from home seamlessly. If you are managing remote workers or if you are a remote worker yourself, this webinar is for you.

Part 3 - Uncovering hidden features in Microsoft Teams

In the last webinar of this three-part series, Ethan Farlow presents 11 different hidden features in Microsoft Teams. If you are a daily Microsoft Teams user or are debating on whether to use the software, this webinar is for you. Ethan starts with the generic (navigation buttons) before diving deep into how ComTech uses Teams internally.

Working from Home Webinar

Working from home has become the reality for many people recently. In this recorded live webinar, Ethan Farlow discusses some of the best practices involved. Topics discussed include: designing your ideal work from home environment, common pitfalls for home-based workers, and security concerns when working from home.

Cybersecurity Webinars

Sit N' Sip Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity threats continue to grow and a Zero Trust strategy is needed to secure your network. We partnered with Scotia Saunders, owner of Keystone Business Solutions to provide a cybersecurity training on Zero Trust.

Avoiding Today's Top Five Cybersecurity Scams

The pandemic has drastically changed work environments. With the majority of people working from home, cybersecurity attacks are on the rise. In this webinar, Ethan our Chief Operations Officer talks about how to recognize and avoid the top cybersecurity scams our team sees every day.

Common Phishing Email Examples

Businesses are hit constantly with phishing emails. Rather than hoping that your staff knows what to look out for, have them watch this video. We put together this short video on how to recognize common phishing emails. Please share with all your staff so they can learn to recognize malicious email attempts.

Anti-Virus is NOT Enough Anymore

Joy Beland from ConnectWise joins Mike Farlow from ComTech to discuss the changing landscape of cybersecurity for small businesses. In this webinar, Beland and Farlow explain why having good anti-virus and a firewall isn’t enough to ensure strong security.

ComTech's Annual Live Event Replays

CyberCon 2023 Replay

CyberCon 2023 was held in Greensboro, NC! What a great time all attendees had! The theme was Fast and Furious which played well with the end of our Corvette giveaway. If you are interested in learning more about ComTech and how we do things differently, watch the replay above.

CyberCon 2022 Replay

CyberCon 2022 Back To The Future Theme was a blast! Listen to great speakers, learn how to grow your business using new technology and more!

CyberCon 2021 Replay

Our annual live event focused on the importance of cybersecurity and how critical it is to adopt a Zero Trust strategy. The theme of the event was "cyber heroes" as we defend our clients from hackers and bad actors so their business can stay productive.

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