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The VoIP Phone Revolution: Lower Cost and Better Services

VoIP phone services are becoming more and more popular every day, as people switch their businesses (and homes) away from land lines and legacy phone systems.  The prices are getting lower as well.  Let’s take a look at what this service is and how it can be beneficial to your business.

A Quick Intro to VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is a way to transmit telephone calls over an IP network like your internet connection. VoIP is not a new concept, but it’s become much more popular in recent years as companies have started offering less expensive and more secure alternatives that work with the existing office setups. And by opting for a service from one of these providers, you can do away with expensive phone service contracts from landline providers—and all that maintenance headache that comes with them.

However, if you aren’t careful about which service you choose or how to use it, your call quality may suffer—or it may not work at all. This is why it’s important to do your research when picking a VoIP provider. While there are many out there that offer great service, some will give you more problems than value.

Why use a VoIP Phone in the first place?

Technically speaking, a VoIP service provider offers Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) telephone service as its primary telephony product. At first glance, they sound like any other phone company—but under closer inspection, you’ll notice that many providers offer much lower prices than their traditional legacy phone counterparts.

If you’re looking for a low-cost, high-quality option for your business, a VoIP provider may offer exactly what you need. These companies use Internet connections to replace regular landlines with a series of proprietary network calls—eliminating costly maintenance bills, installation charges, and other overhead costs that make your telephone bills so expensive.

The best thing about a VoIP service is that it’s easy to set up—and because you don’t need to rewire your office, you can get it running in no time. If you’re looking for a way to save money on business telephone services, VoIP is likely exactly what you’re looking for.

What are Yealink Phones?

If you’re interested in purchasing a new VoIP phone for your office, you may have heard of Yealink phones. These are one of the most popular brands of business telephone today. There are several reasons why these telephones are so popular among businesses, including their sleek design and reliability. ComTech Network Solutions offers Yealink phones and can help you choose from various models to find exactly what you need.

VoIP service providers offer a lot of options for your business and Yealink phones have become an increasingly popular choice because they have unique features that other companies don’t offer.

By choosing a VoIP provider that offers these phones, you can get better phone services at lower prices than many traditional phone systems. The call quality on VoIP phones is also much higher than most analog phones.

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