Cabling & Networking

Whether you need wireless coverage for your office, server room cleanup or new ethernet cables run, our team can assist you.

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Supporting The Modern Business

End-to-End Networking Services To Keep You Online

Are you tired of slow internet connections and messy cables? ComTech can help. Whether it’s upgrading your ethernet cabling, installing new connections, or troubleshooting connectivity issues, we’ll help you establish a network that supports all your needs.

Comprehensive Solutions. Simple Installations.
Maximum Connectivity.

cabling & networking you can rely on

Our reliable ethernet cable and fiber installations ensure seamless voice, data, and video connectivity for your office. From the street to your data room to the desk – we have it covered end to end. As an IT company that also does cabling, we see the “big picture” and can help you design and implement great solutions.

Cable Certification

Our high-quality materials ensure maximum reliability and speed. Cable certification is available.

Solutions for All Sizes

Whether you need cabling for one meeting room or an office complex, ComTech has the resources you need.

wireless access points (WAPS)

Extend Your Wi-Fi Coverage

Our wireless access points (WAPS) optimize your WiFi signal and extend your network reach. If you need connectivity in your office, we can make it happen!

Connect Remote Buildings

With Point-to-Point WAPs, connect remote buildings without trenching or laying cables – saving time and money.

Design services

We work with you to understand your building layout and design a plan that provides the best Wi-Fi connections.

Want the Speed & Distance Only Fiber Can Provide?

ComTech can help you design the fiber solution to fit your connectivity needs.

Installing or Expanding a Company-Wide Paging System?

We can help! We offer a variety of cost-effective solutions and integrations with phone systems.

Got a cabling & netowrking job in mind? Tag in the ComTech Team and let's get that job completed!