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Headshot of Hunter Farlow, ComTech's Marketing Director

Hunter Farlow

Marketing Director
Badge celebrating 5+ years of service in the ComTech family

As the Marketing Director at ComTech, Hunter Farlow brings a dynamic blend of creativity and strategic thinking to his role. Having grown with the company, Hunter now spearheads innovative marketing initiatives, meticulously plans campaigns, and manages our CRM with a keen eye for detail. His expertise in campaign planning is pivotal, especially in orchestrating memorable events like our 2023 Corvette giveaway and our annual CONNECT event, showcasing his flair for ‘the fun stuff.’

Hunter also adeptly manages our appointment setter, contributing significantly to our outreach efforts. His role is often regarded as the most exciting at ComTech, embodying our spirit of engaging with clients in unique and impactful ways. Recently, Hunter’s exceptional talent in marketing was recognized with his second Golden Cone award, an industry marketing accolade celebrating his innovative ideas and distinguished standing among his peers.

Outside of work, Hunter’s passion for fitness, fishing, and reading adds to his well-rounded persona.

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