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Cybersecurity Essentials: SOC 24/7 Monitoring

A Security Operations Center, or SOC, is a service that monitors and analyzes networks 24/7. Just a few years go, this technology was too expensive for most small businesses. However, with advances in Artificial Intelligence, efficiencies have increased, and this service is now affordable for all.

What exactly is a Security Operations Center you may ask? It is a dedicated team of individuals whose sole job is to watch networks and monitor the activity going on, looking for suspicious behaviors.

For example, if normal login times on your network are during the workday, a login that occurs at 1:30am and connects to a different country would be shut down by the SOC. When an unusual login occurs, the SOC will be notified so they can stop the suspicious activity immediately. Another example would be if your scanner or copier tried to run administrative functions on the server at an unusual time, when the network usually has little to no activity on it. These are the type of behaviors that the SOC will identify and shut down before any harm can be done to your network.

Having a SOC protecting your network is essential because it goes beyond traditional anti-virus. This service goes a step further into monitoring behavior and will stop connections that are not secure. We highly recommend the use of a SOC for your network.

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