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Introducing ComTech’s Complete Care

Co-managed IT Services

Your IT department is overworked and stressed. Our team can help relieve that stress and allow your team to focus.

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Strengthen Your IT Team

Our Co-Managed IT Gives your team the extra help they need

With ComTech’s Co-managed IT Services, you’ll have access to a team of dedicated professionals who will work hand in hand with your internal IT department. They’ll provide proactive support, keep an eye on your systems, and offer strategic guidance when needed. Our extensive investment in cutting-edge tools makes sure you always have the best and latest tech for the job. Say goodbye to high stress levels and working late nights.

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what your team needs!

Leave your infrastructure upkeep to us, from software updates and patch management to hardware checks and asset reporting. 

Innovative solutions like our Cyber Armor Zero-Trust strategy help secure your network like never before. Best of all, we maintain and manage it so you don’t have to. 24/7 SOC & SIEM are included!

We can assist with moving your assets to the cloud and managing them when they get there.

No matter the software, we can help you keep it running smoothly by handling deployment, updates, and license management. 

We evaluate your current infrastructure, recommend improvements, and develop a roadmap for future investments.

Protecting your data is critical. We offer monitored data backups to secure off-site locations and implement recovery plans to minimize potential downtime. 

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Zero-Trust cybersecurity Strategy

Embrace a streamlined approach to cybersecurity with our Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Strategy – Cyber Armor. We’ve meticulously assembled a comprehensive bundle of tools, configurations, and alerts, offering a pre-vetted, secure solution. Our strategy eliminates the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors, as we’ve done the research and crafted a robust solution for you. With ComTech, you gain a cohesive and well-maintained cybersecurity framework, ensuring your IT infrastructure remains secure without the hassle of juggling different systems.

Reduce Downtime, Maximize Productivity

Experience significantly reduced downtime with our robust technical team at ComTech. Our ability to simultaneously manage multiple tickets means your users receive rapid response assistance, a standard all our clients enjoy. This efficiency ensures your team is back up and running quickly, maintaining high productivity levels. With ComTech’s Co-Managed IT Services, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your operations are supported by a responsive, capable IT partner.

Routine Maintenance Handled

Our Co-Managed IT Services take charge of routine maintenance tasks like patching and updates, ensuring your systems are always current and secure. With our advanced monitoring, we promptly address system and performance alerts. Our team is equipped to remotely access end-user machines, resolving issues quickly and efficiently. This hands-on approach means your IT staff can focus on strategic initiatives, while we handle the day-to-day upkeep of your IT infrastructure.

Stay Focused on larger projects

Streamline your IT management by letting our team handle everyday end-user requests, like password resets and printer support. These tasks, while small, can accumulate and divert your attention from crucial, larger projects. With ComTech’s Co-Managed IT Services, we take on these routine inquiries, freeing your team to concentrate on implementing significant, strategic IT initiatives. Our support ensures your focus remains on driving impactful technological advancements within your organization.

Asset Management

Gain complete control over your IT assets with our Asset Management service. At any moment, you’ll have a clear understanding of the age, operating system, make, model, and serial numbers of all your machines. Plus, our service provides a detailed inventory of installed software and their versions. This comprehensive oversight ensures you’re always informed about your IT infrastructure, aiding in efficient management and future planning.

Leverage our ticketing system

Enhance your IT efficiency by leveraging our advanced ticketing system. This not only reduces costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a separate system but also streamlines your support process. With our system, easily escalate complex or time-consuming issues for additional expertise. Plus, enjoy peace of mind during breaks or vacations, knowing all tickets are handled effectively in our system, preventing any backlog upon your return. This integration allows for seamless operation and ensures continuous support for your IT needs.

Remote Monitoring and Remote Access

Maintain optimal visibility and control with our Remote Monitoring and Access services. This feature provides detailed insights into your IT assets, including status, inactivity duration, system vulnerabilities, memory and CPU usage, and hard drive capacities. With our one-click remote access, providing support to your users becomes seamless and efficient, without the need for additional software. This comprehensive tool simplifies IT management, ensuring you’re always informed and ready to assist, all within an easy-to-use interface.

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Complete Care + Cyber Armor

The ultimate Pairing For stressed-out IT teams

Access to Experts

Expand your IT capabilities with ComTech’s team of experts. Our large, diverse team offers a wealth of knowledge and experience, significantly amplifying your team’s abilities. With access to our specialists, you can confidently tackle a wider range of challenges and projects. This collaboration not only enhances your team’s expertise but also ensures that you have the right skills on hand for any IT scenario.

Budgeting, Planning and Purchasing

Streamline your IT financial planning with our expert assistance in budgeting, planning, and purchasing. We guide you through the complexities of planning your overall IT budget and annual spending, including hardware replacement and project timelines. Our procurement services simplify the ordering process, offer tailored recommendations based on end-user needs, and handle any warranty issues. Partner with ComTech to ensure your IT investments are strategic, well-planned, and hassle-free, aligning perfectly with your business objectives.

License & Renewal Management

Simplify your software management with our comprehensive License & Renewal Management services. We expertly handle the complexities of managing various licenses, including Office 365, server licenses, firewall, and terminal server licenses. This service ensures timely renewals and optimal license utilization. Our team works diligently to manage these critical aspects, allowing you to focus on core business functions without the burden of license tracking and renewal logistics.

Scalable IT Support for Growing Businesses

In a rapidly expanding business, managing IT needs efficiently is crucial. Our Co-Managed IT Services enable you to serve an increasing number of users without the need to hire additional, expensive IT staff. We provide the scalability to accommodate your growth, effectively eliminating overstaffing issues. With ComTech, your IT capabilities expand seamlessly alongside your business, ensuring you have the right level of support at every stage of your growth.

In need of compliance services to protect your business?

Our team of experts know the ins and outs of compliance standards like the FTC Safeguards Rule, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, CMMC, and beyond.  

With us on your side, you can concentrate on your strengths while we take care of the rest. 

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