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Small Business Holiday Closing Guide

What do you need to think about before closing your business for the July 4th holiday? Imagine this being asked in a panicked tone at 4:50pm on July 3rd. Clients […]

How to Win at Password Laziness

“Password1”, “Password2”, “Password3”, or the ever-popular and bullet-proof “Password123”. Sometimes you even get fancy and add an exclamation point to the end (when forced to). Are any of these ringing […]

How can I buy Microsoft Office?

I get this question quite often and rightfully so.  There are many ways to purchase Office and they can be confusing.  Depending upon your situation one method may be better […]

Two Quick Tips for 2018

How many of you have started this new year off but have brought over A LOT of baggage from 2017 that is weighing you down? How many of you know […]

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