Phone System Tutorials and Training

Our phone service is extremely easy to use. Here you will find a quick reference sheet and simple training videos to get your staff up to speed quickly. Our two most popular phone models are explained in detail although many of their features and buttons are similar.

Enjoy learning about your new phones and their features. If you need assistance with anything please click on the Support Tab and send us a request. We also welcome suggestions for new videos.

Quick Reference Guide


Using the T54W Phone

Using the Android Mobile App ReachUC

Using the T4x Series Phones

Using the T23 Series Phones

Cables and Power for the T2x and T4x Series Phones

What Our Clients Say

'ComTech has served our company for several years. They are our hardware and software experts who help us keep a 300-employee business humming in three states. Their attitude toward service keeps them as our 'right hand' with our servers and systems.'

'ComTech has been taking care of our computer system for several years. They are quick to respond any time the system has issues. As a manufacturer, we can't make product without our computers. Quite simply, production stops when the computers go down. The folks at ComTech understand this and are always ready to act. We have had them respond even on weekends. '

'We couldn’t be happier with our phone system and the service from ComTech. ComTech is amazing! They are so quick and so helpful. They take care of almost all of our IT and phones and we couldn’t live without them. The phones themselves we have had no issues with whatsoever. ComTech did the install and they were easy to learn! ComTech trained a few of our office girls and they were able to train everyone else with ease.'

'You are LITERALLY the only vendor I can say here is a blank check just write in it what you think is best!'