LastPass was breached, what you should do now

LastPass Breach

You have probably heard about the LastPass breach that occurred in August of 2022. It seemed to be nothing to be concerned about on the surface. However, LastPass just released […]

5 Must Do’s For Microsoft 365

5 Must Do's for Microsoft 365

A question our team gets asked frequently is “Office 365 from Microsoft HIPAA compliant? The short answer is yes, it is compliant – BUT a mis-configured system can change that. […]

Top tips when selecting an MSP for your business

  Technology underpins nearly every aspect of modern business processes. Managing it, however, can be complex and tedious. This is where managed IT services providers (MSPs) can help. Whether your […]

Surefire ways to protect your email account

If you think your email is safe from hackers, think again. A lack of sufficient email security protocols can lead to data theft, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and successful […]

Safeguard your mobile devices with these tips

Mobile devices are generally less secure than laptop and desktop computers. While there are available anti-malware applications for smartphones and tablets, they aren’t as comprehensive as those for laptops and […]