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Advanced Threat Protection for Office 365

How many times have you seen emails come in that said “Your UPS Invoice is attached”, “Your bank deposit receipt is attached”, etc. and you know it is fake.  Phishing attempts like these are quite common.  They get more devious every day and harder to identify the fake from what’s real.  Even a wary person can be fooled.  What usually ends up happening is a less aware employee clicks on an attachment he/she shouldn’t have and bad things happen.  Viruses are released onto the network, ransomware encrypts data, etc.  These phishing emails waste time and can potentially even bring a network down.

You may ask, “Doesn’t my email provider filter these out?”.  The business class email services like Office 365 do employ a certain level of basic filtering.  Most obvious attachments and phishing attempts are sent to junk email or deleted.  Unfortunately many still get through.  We see this quite often when networks are attacked and most of the time it is via an email.  How can this be stopped?  Finally there is a solution.  Take a look a the video below to learn more.



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