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Experience Counts

With over 30 years of experience as a NC managed services provider and a refined process that emphasizes productivity, uptime, and security, ComTech is your most important technology partner. Our clients rely on us for their IT needs, and we rely on our wealth of multi-sectoral experience to get the job done.

1  Minutes

or less average response time

1 + employees

US-based and full time

1  years

in business

5000  +

devices managed

1000000  +

Phone Minutes Per Month

2000  +

Office 365 licenses managed

Why Choose ComTech as your NC Managed Services Provider?

We are not your average IT company—we are your business technology partner! We love solving your computer issues and keeping your systems running smoothly. Whether it’s setting up your network, troubleshooting software, or securing your data, we’ve got you covered.
With ComTech as your NC managed services provider, tech becomes your secret weapon, not a massive headache.

managed IT services for business

IT Support

Dedicated teams include Helpdesk, Onsite, Escalation and Projects to help with your every need.

managed IT services by ComTech


Our exclusive Zero-Trust strategy with Cyber Armor secures your systems against modern threats.

phone systems for small businesses

VoIP Phone Solutions

Stay connected wherever you work. Feature rich and includes unlimited personalized support.

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Compliance Services

Compliance rules are complicated. Our team can help you with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FTC Safeguards and CMMC.

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Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Comtech – Your NC managed services provider

We provide you with
peace of mind

response Time of 1-hour or less

You don't wait for days to get your problems solved. Your NC managed services provider will be working on your request within an hour. Our response and resolution time will astound you.

No Contracts and No Hidden Fees

Our Complete Care service model is exactly that - Complete. You won't have to worry about any surprise invoices or fine print.

No Geek Speak – We Speak Human

We speak in simple, easy to understand language from techs you actually enjoy conversing with.

No Band-Aid Solutions

As your NC managed services provider, we strive to fix issues the first time and don't apply temporary band-aids just to watch your problems reappear.

150+ Instructional and Resourceful YouTube Videos
to help you leverage your business technology! 

We're your trusted NC managed services provider with a 99% client retention rate!

ComTech's Backup Services Saved Us
With ComTech monitoring our systems, issues are resolved before they become problems. It helps greatly to know that even if an employee unknowingly clicks on a link that there are safeguards to prevent damage. When we had a server go down, ComTech had reliable backups which had us operational again without loss of data. When we had server issues one holiday weekend, they came out on Sunday and again on Monday so we were up and running on Tuesday when we opened up without losing a beat. Staff and most management did not even know there had been an issue. Other companies would have scheduled us for later. Downtime during business hours was avoided and ComTech kept us operational.

Phones much More Cost Effective & A Painless Transition!
So much more cost effective! I can’t believe what we’ve been paying Earthlink and Windstream, who raised their “administrative fees” every 8 months. Immediate response for support, NO need to call an 800 number, navigate an automated system, and reach a representative in another country that doesn’t care. The transition to ComTech phones was absolutely painless!

The Benefits Outweigh The Costs
I have confidence that ComTech is giving me the best “reasonable” protection of my information system. Having confidence in their services, the benefits are greater than the costs. It is critically important to know my data is safe, secure and backed up since medical information is involved. I feel the services are worth the investment.

Well Taken Care Of, Knowledgeable Staff
We have been with ComTech for four years and we are raving fans. Their service is great, the team really knows their stuff and we know when we call them, they will have the answer. We even recommend ComTech to other companies we know because they take such great care of us.

Dr. Jody Wallace Family Dentistry
Superior Value – Comtech Is An Investment In My Business
Being in business for nearly 33 years, the most recent 20 years has been privileged with the help and support of ComTech. In 20 years, our company has NEVER had any issues with their level of response or service; quite the contrary. We never have to worry about our computing infrastructure. ComTech has never failed us and has ALWAYS been there for us. ComTech is truly the best. Their superior level of response and service leaves more time and energy to grow business vs having to deal with IT problems. Going with another company may appear to save in expenses, but the time lost due to inferior service and expertise would more than offset those perceived “savings”. We are delighted to have ComTech’s support and most certainly recommend them to anyone looking for dependable IT Support.

Our Solutions are Built For Your Success, No Matter Your Industry

Read as our clients share their experience and why they
choose to stay for years! There’s no better NC managed services provider then ComTech

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