99% Client Retention Rate

Delivering an amazing IT support experience is how we do it.

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional experience to our clients. Not only are we obsessed with your company's success and well being, we’re also able to bring an insightful and experienced perspective to your business strategy and guide the technology decisions that will shape your future.

We will always go the extra mile for our clients and give them the excellent care and service they deserve.

What Sets Us Apart

ComTech has emerged as a leader in managed IT services by moving beyond the typical monitoring and support model for MSPs. We take pride in the fact that our clients trust our advice and recommendations and as a result, we truly take responsibility for their networks.

Our approach is the natural evolution of the managed services industry and our systems, expertise, and purpose-driven processes support our true purpose: to be a trusted technology partner that facilitates the success of its customers.

Our People Make the Difference

A Culture of Customer Success

Areas of Specialty

Our support solutions are generally a great fit for clients that have between 15-200 employees who rely on technology to get their jobs done every day and to grow and prosper. We have an affinity for medical, dental, government, manufacturing, legal, financial and non-profit organizations. However, we have a wealth of experience across an array industries and work with clients of all business types. Some of our particular areas of client specialty are with the following industries:


Supporting local government is one of our specialties. We have years of experience working with police, city hall, water departments and more. Housing authorities and transportation are also clients. We can provide a complete package of services to make budgeting easy and support even easier.


Whether you make socks or sprockets, we can provide a complete package of services to keep your manufacturing facitilies online and operational. This includes everything from routine service to enterprise class wireless systems for your warehouse. When ComTech manages the network you can concentrate on production.

Medical and Dental

Medical and Dental offices have some specific challenges to face. Data backup, HIPAA, security, etc. are all critical factors for a successful practice. Our systems and methods can help in all these areas. We can provide a complete package of services to make budgeting easy and support even easier.

Legal Services

Attorneys work with a wide variety of software to get their jobs done. Every office is a bit different but the core needs are the same. Reliable systems, stable internet, secure communications, bulletproof backup, etc. are all services we provide. Our experience with civil, real estate and other areas of law related software are invaluable to our clients. We can provide a complete package of services to make budgeting easy and support even easier.

Financial Services

Financial clients typically are partnered with firms such as LPL, Raymond James, etc. Those companies take care of the remote infrastructure but the local network is left to the agent for management. Our backup services and local system support helps keep you secure and operational at all times so you can focus on helping your clients and not on IT. We can provide a complete package of services to make budgeting easy and support even easier.

What Our Clients Say

'ComTech has served our company for several years. They are our hardware and software experts who help us keep a 300-employee business humming in three states. Their attitude toward service keeps them as our 'right hand' with our servers and systems.'

'ComTech has been taking care of our computer system for several years. They are quick to respond any time the system has issues. As a manufacturer, we can't make product without our computers. Quite simply, production stops when the computers go down. The folks at ComTech understand this and are always ready to act. We have had them respond even on weekends. '

'We couldn’t be happier with our phone system and the service from ComTech. ComTech is amazing! They are so quick and so helpful. They take care of almost all of our IT and phones and we couldn’t live without them. The phones themselves we have had no issues with whatsoever. ComTech did the install and they were easy to learn! ComTech trained a few of our office girls and they were able to train everyone else with ease.'

'You are LITERALLY the only vendor I can say here is a blank check just write in it what you think is best!'